AI-driven Technologies:

How to proactively protect customers from fraud and cybercrime.

Cybercrime cost the UK economy a shocking £783.8 million in 2020. And 51% of Irish businesses experienced a type of cybercrime in the last 24 months (above the global average of 47%). With data breaches and incidents of fraud continuing to hit the headlines, consumers are becoming increasingly aware and concerned about the safety of their financial data.

So how can financial organisations leverage AI-powered technology to enhance security and instil trust? This guide looks at how an AI-powered approach to security and overall CX helps to drive digital transformation in a way that fosters trust – so customers benefit from better, more flexible services while gaining the trust imperative over security and privacy.

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Download this guide to:

  • Learn how an AI-powered approach to identification and verification (ID&V) is key to balance the often-competing demands of a personalised CX and security across the customer journey.
  • Discover how latest advances in AI-powered image recognition are re-shaping CX operations and overcoming cybersecurity challenges in financial institutions.
  • See how with AI-driven approach to ID&V customers can safely and confidently be verified in real-time without the need for human intervention - while streamlining the process and driving engagement.