Post-COVID business review: Streamlining CX in time of crisis.

The COVID-19 crisis has dramatically affected the way people, businesses, and organisations communicate. It’s forcibly changing consumer behaviour and buying habits and has drastically impacted customer experience trends.

But how did the pandemic affect operational efficiency?

We’ve asked our expert Keith Eldridge, Director of Project Management, on the challenges he and his team helped to solve through the pandemic and beyond. Now available on-demand, watch today to discover how our intelligent technology enabled our client to reap the benefits of nearly £4 million in operational cost savings.

Presented By Keith Eldridge 13 July 2021
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Our expert in the field, Keith Eldridge, covers topics such as:

  • Discover the ways of pandemic has accelerated the shift towards digital channels in the last 12 months.
  • Find out more on the challenges faced by Engage Hub’s top clients in the retail and financial services sector, the solutions we deployed to help them manage and avert crisis.
  • Learn more on the pandemic’s impact on the operational efficiency by gaining insights on industry differences in response to crisis.
  • Hear more on how businesses can future-proof themselves against crisis, how to embrace new digital engagement by planning and structuring the technology changes necessary to accelerate experience and boost satisfaction levels.