GDPR: Are you ready?

[Available on demand]

Presented By Marek Zakrzewski and Nigel Linton 1 January 2018
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With GDPR on the horizon, businesses are expressing concerns over the pressures to prepare ahead of the 25th May. However, the process of compliance needn’t be so overwhelming as we’ll be demonstrating in this webinar. Join us as we share practical insights and advice about implementing data protection controls and measures in line with the new regulation.

This is a perfect webinar for tech-savvy professionals responsible for the use of customer data within an organisation looking to enhance and improve customer communications and experience.

During the webinar we focused on the following key points:

  • What is GDPR and what does it mean for your business?
  • 3 misconceptions and how GDPR can add value to your business.
  • What Engage Hub is doing to support businesses with GDPR compliance.