7 ways to effectively engage customers and employees during crisis and beyond

[Available on demand]

Presented By Nicola Pero 3 April 2020
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In these uncertain and changing times, it is important that your business focuses on customers and employees. The time for multi-channel support is now, as businesses must take pressure of their call centre live agents to simultaneously solve thousands of queries by using AI-powered chatbots and digital solutions.

This webinar explains how you and your business can respond to an emergency in the time of pandemic outbreak and beyond.

Our expert in the field, Nicola Pero, covers topics such as:

  • Crisis management: How to identify the challenges and effectively communicate with you clients and employees.
  • Multi-channel customer and employee support: How to implement right solutions at speed to deliver right information at the right time in the most efficient way.
  • Journey automation and optimisation: Ways to take data from customer interactions to predict when they’re likely to contact you, so you can pre-empt their queries and engage them on their channel of choice.
  • Beyond the emergencies: The path to the next normal and how to embrace new digital engagement by planning and structuring the technology changes necessary to accelerate experience and boost satisfaction levels.