Salesforce Marketplace Sample Use-cases

Sales Lead Tracking

• CJT will help a sales manager understand how each sales person is performing
• CJT will capture the leads assigned to each sales person
• CJT will track the success of each lead during the sales nurturing process
• At the end a Sales Manager will be able to see;
1. How well each sales person is doing, example how many leads have they convert
2. At what stage is each sales person converting or is there a high drop off at any stage

Campaign Success

• CJT will help a marketing manager understand what campaigns are successful
• They will also be able to see what channels are working best
• During a live campaign the marketing team will see if offers are converting into sales or if they are being ignored
• They can also see how many people are dropping off. If the drop off number is high they can make real-time decisions to change the campaign/ message

Lead Source

• CJT will help the marketing team understand which channel are working for them
• Based on these results they may decide to invest more money on successful channels
• Or they may change the approach to unsuccessful change to see if that makes a difference
• At the end of the lead journey the marketing will be able to tell if a lead should be removed from the database or if they are to continue in a lead nurturing process

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