Real-time, cross-channel messaging that reduces the cost of operations whilst simultaneously improving customer experience.

To prosper within this highly competitive and crowded industry, productivity must be maintained, costs must be controlled and customer experience must become a number one priority. To achieve this, our technology works with yours, seamlessly integrating with legacy systems, collecting real-time data such as shipment scans, inventory levels, customer preferences and much more. This unparalleled connectivity, coupled with intelligent, logic-driven insight, facilitates cross-channel communications proven to improve operational efficiency along with reducing the volume of failed deliveries.

Engage Hub has been working with leading logistics companies to deliver unparalleled cross-channel customer service and streamline operational efficiencies for the past 30 years. Take a look at a few of our most popular solutions:

Send alerts via the most
cost effective channels

Our Synapse technology can automatically select the most cost effective communication channel required to elicit the quickest response from each customer, if the first alert fails to generate an interaction, Synapse will select the second most effective channel to reach them – ensuring you’re using the most cost-effective customer contact strategies available.

Gather valuable customer feedback
in real-time

Use real-time events such as successful parcel deliveries or failed attempts to send branded SMS, email, web and pre-recorded voice surveys to customers as a great way of gathering contextually relevant customer feedback. Dive deeper into customer insight and enhance the quality of your data by applying logic that alters the behaviour of your survey in real-time, based on your customer’s responses.

Use proximity-triggered notifications
to reduce inbound customer calls

Ensure your customers can track the precise whereabouts of their parcel by making use of GSM, WiFi, Beacon and GPS data to automate the delivery of cross-channel notifications when parcels arrive at central sorting hubs or leave local depos. This reduces the number of inbound calls to your call centres and drastically improves customer experience.

Two-way, real-time parcel
delivery management

Use real-time data to trigger SMS, email or push notifications containing an option for customers to change delivery times. Include an option for them to automatically speak directly to a call centre agent and they will reward you with unsurpassed customer loyalty, plus your drivers will be unlikely to miss a delivery slot.

Take a look at how it’s being done really well.

Working with Engage Hub, Hermes has developed an email solution that delivers results, both on improving efficiencies and reducing costs:

  • Hermes integrated Engage Hub’s email solution into its real-time courier hand-held terminal (HHT) scanning functionality to trigger immediate notifications.
  • They are now delivering millions of dual-branded emails that let their customers know exactly where their parcel is and when it will be delivered.

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