Journey Automation

No two customer journeys are the same, therefore you need an efficient way to manage and deliver seamless and meaningful experiences.

Our future-proofed, AI-powered Journey Automation software enables you to treat each customer as an individual and to create experiences that matter across the entire customer lifecycle – cost-effectively and at scale.

What is journey automation?

At its core, journey automation allows you to reduce human input from repetitive as well as complex tasks. It can apply to any business area in any sector and – when done properly – can streamline processes, eliminate silos and ultimately reduce operational costs. Automation can remove friction from customer journeys and free up valuable resources to focus on complex, creative work.

Why is journey automation important?

With journey automation, you can personalise and engage at scale, leveraging technology such as AI to create a joined-up experience across touchpoints. You can pre-empt and proactively resolve issues and re-engage customers who drop off the expected journey, making it easier to deliver higher customer value and satisfaction efficiently.

Journey automation solutions

Don’t let cost, disjointed data or legacy infrastructure and systems prevent you from achieving your journey automation goals. With Engage Hub, you can quickly and seamlessly create and deploy real-time cross-channel journeys – at speed and cost-effectively. 

We have an extensive proven track record, achieving almost £2 million cost savings in year one, with a single automated journey for one client.

Our journey automation solutions have been implemented across many customer lifecycles in all sectors – ranging from mortgage applications, package tracking, live order status updates, through to fraud management, meter readings, rubbish and recycling collections and more.

Make real-time decisions

Engage Hub’s real-time decisioning engine delivers contextually relevant experiences, value, and utility at the appropriate moment in the customer lifecycle. Using real-time triggers, we orchestrate and execute timely communications via preferred channel – based on your customer preferences (i.e. consent), profiles (i.e. age, gender) and behaviour (i.e. previous interactions) and third-party triggers such as parcels scans, geo-location events, inbound messages or other third-party API’s.

Our engine enables high volumes of data to be processed without bespoke or costly programming – it automates any cross-channel journeys and processes infinite complex scenarios to ensure the right message reaches the right person at the right time.

AI-powered journey automation

At Engage Hub, we continuously invest in the latest AI and machine learning technologies to help you stay ahead of the CX curve and deliver the best experience for your customers without needing upfront investment.

We have developed our own Natural Language Processing (NLP) module, enabling our customers to provide real-time, automated conversations via our cross-channel chatbots. Our Next Best Action predictive module uses machine learning to determine the next best step in a customer’s journey, ensuring that customers get the most relevant and personalised engagement, offer or action – for you to enable hyper-personalised experiences and journeys for your customers.

Tailor your CX and easily identify blockages using Journey Automation

See how you can gain a competitive advantage and future-proof your business by investing in automation technology.

Harness automation to drive meaningful engagement

Let’s take a look at the key features and benefits of Journey Automation.

Platform that simultaneously powers all communications

Our intelligent platform takes all of your communication channels, including real-time data, and integrates them into just one system so that you can guarantee a consistent experience for your customers. As multiple systems and databases connect into one central platform, Journey Automation is able to de-couple and de-duplicate data only acting on the most relevant or suitable events to trigger relevant communications.

Seamless data integration and orchestration

We work seamlessly alongside technology that your business is already using – such as Microsoft, Pega, BT, IBM, SAP, Cisco, Avaya, Genesys and more – or plan to introduce. Our platform contains a layer of sophisticated AI that integrates and orchestrates data securely for the sole purpose of meaningful communications and seamless interactions for your customers.

Extensive experience across all sectors

Our dedicated and agile team of specialists work alongside you to help you overcome data silos and legacy systems to achieve tangible results that’ll positively impact your business growth. We offer strategic consultation and training services, campaign and project management as well as 24/7 technical support.

Digital transformation beyond cost reductions

Don’t let the buzzword put you off. Instead, look at specific bottlenecks for employees and customers – and cost-effective ways to alleviate them. With Engage Hub’s Customer Journey Tracker, you can easily map and visualise customer journeys to identify painpoints and rectify them in real-time. We understand your business goals and evolve with you as you embank your digital transformation journey – empowering you to meet ever-changing needs of your customers.

"Engage Hub has helped us drastically improve our end-to-end customer journeys, providing real-time access to customer insight, enabling our customers to self-service when they want and how they want, boosting operational efficiency by freeing the agents to focus on more complex queries."

Head of Customer Journeys

Tier 1 Irish Bank

“Before working with Three Communicate, Engage Hub’s strategic partner, many of our customer communications and data was in silos, with completely manual processes. Thanks to more integrated and automated approach, we have been able to save at least 6 hours a week on our outbound communications and use customer data in a more efficient way to deliver personalised experience to our customers.”

Paul Mulhall Communications and Digital Marketing Manager

Greyhound Recycling

"The Engage Hub platform enables us to communicate with our customers at every stage of the customer lifecycle. That might be the moment they use their debit card, any online transaction, or when they download their KBC Mobile App. It’s revolutionised our mobile marketing strategy"

Head of End-to-End Optimisation Programme

KBC Bank Ireland