Intelligent Collections Solution.

Combining the power of Synapse, our native automation tool, and our PCI compliant payment solution, Engage Hub provides a powerful and easily configurable collections and payments solution to help your organisation drive more revenue from your customers in a compliant and secure way.

Key Features.

Agent guided payments

Multichannel intelligent collections

Integrate core debt systems, CRM and PSP of choice easily

Configurable customer journey automation using Synapse

Reporting and visualisation of customer journey

Realtime journey optimisation

Intelligent communications.

Maximise customer contact by using our latest Synapse waterfall technology to engage the customer via the most effective channel both from an experiential and cost perspective. Working across all channels – SMS, email, WhatsApp, and more – you can ensure highest rate of contact on the customers desired channel, based on their realties time interaction.

Agent guided payments.

Enable a consistent customer experience with agent guided payments. Your call centre stays PCI compliant with Engage Hub’s software and can still record 100% of all calls. Allow agents to guide the customer seamlessly through the payments process during a call, also giving the agent a view of the customer latest account information, outstanding balances to be paid and follow up confirmation of payment success via the channel of their choice.

24/7 automation.

Allow customers to pay how they want and when they want, through our two way digital channels or voice for 24/7 payments, while also supporting other real time queries such as balances, account information and other information.

Customer Journey visualisation and optimisation.

Understand and quantify customer journey’s across digital channels before and during agent calls, see breakpoints in the payment management journey and act on them in realtime

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