Customer Journey Orchestration:

Harnessing automation for frictionless, valuable customer journeys

[Available on-demand]

There is a shift in the way customers perceive and interact with brands. Therefore, making decisions in the moment is a game changer for every business. So how can organisations deliver CX differentiation and value across the business? That’s where journey orchestration comes in.

In this webinar, our expert Mark Grainger (VP Sales Europe, Engage Hub), and guest speakers – Gillian Garrett (Customer Base Manager, Avant Money) and Joana de Quintanilha (VP and Principal Analyst, Forrester) explain how journey orchestration will elevate your CX while streamlining internal processes – cost-effectively and at scale.

Presented By Mark Grainger, Gillian Garrett, Joana van den Brink-Quintanilha 16 September 2021
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Guest speaker

Gillian Garrett, Customer Base Manager

Gillian Garrett is the Customer Base Manager for Avant Money and has been with the company for six years. She is responsible for all base management and project delivery communications. Her role includes delivering full life cycle multi-partner, product and service campaigns; Gillian was also responsible for implementing a customer loyalty programme, called Avantages, in 2017, which she also manages. She is passionate about promoting a positive workplace culture and is a volunteer member of the Avant Money GPTW team called the Navigators. She is also an international hockey umpire and players and mum of two boys.


Joana de Quintanilha, VP and Principal Analyst

Based in Amsterdam, Joana serves customer experience professionals. Her areas of expertise include digital customer experience, tools like journey mapping, and Agile methods. Joana also focuses on brand and leads Customer Experience Index research in Europe.

Watch now as experts cover topics such as:

  • The importance of centralising data from across all sources when looking to deliver consistent and personalised experiences for customers.
  • How to coordinate the ideal journeys for each customer by using journey orchestration to reduce friction by ensuring your customers have exactly the right information at the right time.
  • How our client reduce manual input and enhance marketing capabilities with simple automation techniques.
  • Insight from Forrester’s analyst on the benefits of ‘good’ friction in the journey in sensitive scenarios such as banking.