Creating Digital-first Banking:
The Importance of Real-Time Communications in Financial Services.

[Available on demand]

Thanks to the proliferation of mobile, the way consumers engage with banks today has fundamentally changed. Gone are the days of paper-based and manual processes, consumers, especially young people, want to communicate with banks and engage with them via the same channels that they use with friends and family.

In this webinar, our expert in the field Mark Grainger (VP Sales Europe), speaking alongside guest speaker from Forrester, Rusty Warner (Principal Analyst) discuss how you can leverage technology to improve the customer experience and boost retention.

Watch this on-demand webinar and learn how to:

• Structure digital transformation in a customer-focused way.

• Leverage data to personalise at scale.

• Forge long lasting, profitable customer relationships by automating and streamlining intelligent, cross-channel communications in real-time.

• Enable holistic and accurate view of customer journeys to gain evidence on channel preferences, bottlenecks and successes to drive digital investment.

• Transform banking for the next-generation and beyond with the importance of real-time transparency in mind.