Webinar – 6 ways to supercharge your mobile communications

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On Demand Webinar:
6 Ways To Supercharge Your Mobile Communications

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On Demand Webinar

Research has revealed that 57% of consumers are actively taking steps to avoid brands that bombard them with poorly targeted communications. Together with the proliferation of communication channels, Marketers are facing an increasingly difficult challenge – the ability to cut through the noise.

During this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Track the success of your mobile campaigns
  • Send mobile responsive and highly engaging campaigns
  • Save time sending SMSs
  • Send contextually relevant campaigns
  • Segment and personalise using CRM data
  • Integrate mobile with other channels

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Access below

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Our Presenter:

Mark Grainger, VP Sales


For more than ten years, Mark Grainger has been a key player in customer engagement solutions by helping enterprises amplify their marketing activities using the latest technology. With extensive experience gained in the marketing services industry, he specialises in SMS and mobile marketing in order to achieve maximum brand penetration whilst delivering an unforgettable customer experience.