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NextGen IVR.

Our Interactive Voice Response is a next-generation intelligent automatic system that uses natural speech technology to predict caller intent and route calls to the most relevant self-service platform. This liberates customers from the traditional drudgery of complex recorded menu options, enormously improving the customer experience.

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Key Features.

Natural language speech recognition.

AI-powered speech recognition to allow callers to speak naturally in their own words, intelligently capturing intent and dramatically increasing self-service.

Fully personalised experience.

Match anything from phone numbers to account numbers and order details, with existing customer data to proactively identify callers and create a personalised experience that anticipates customer needs and proactively addresses issues.

Advanced analytics.

View the entire customer journey across multiple channels including; IVR, SMS and email to optimise the customer experience.

Sainsbury’s streamlines inbound call handling process with NextGen IVR.

Find out how one of the UK’s largest retailers enabled 31% of callers to self-serve using our NextGen IVR.

“It learns in the same way as a call centre agent does. AI-powered natural language processing (NLP) means that the IVR does not simply react to keywords, but continually improves its understanding. So a query that the IVR may not understand today, perhaps because it’s too complex or expressed in an unusual way, will be understood and automated in the future.”

Win your customers over with data-driven IVR.

Exceeding customers’ expectations – fast and with the minimum of fuss – is crucial in today’s marketplace. To do this, you need to deliver personalised and consistent communication across every channel – ensuring that your IVR technology complements and supports the overall customer experience.

More than just IVR.

Predictive call handling

Speed call resolution to predict caller intent and deliver personalised menus or route callers to the right destination faster. 

Automated data orchestration

There’s no need to rip and replace your existing infrastructure, we have a range of API’s to quickly and seamlessly integrate with your existing systems.  

Deliver the cross-channel experience

Ensure that your IVR is integrated with all of your other communication channels so you can view engagement rates – optimising the customer experience from a central hub.

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Let’s talk about NextGen IVR.

As customer expectations have evolved, so have their demands and needs. There’s been a significant growth in the importance of effortless, self-service experiences as 81% of customers want organisations to offer a choice of channels that’ll meet their expectations.

This playbook examines how the latest in IVR technology is designed to accommodate rising customer needs for quick and seamless self-service experiences.

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