Automate contextually relevant, personalised interactions with your customers across an array of online and offline channels.

Cross-channel commerce, cross-functional working, mobile shopping and a growing demand for brands to deliver seamless customer experiences, are among the biggest challenges facing many CX professionals working in retail today. Luckily, with Engage Hub, retailers are now able to take advantage of Synapse, our real-time interaction management technology, to manage customer data and successfully orchestrate contextually relevant conversations with customers, no matter where they are in the customer journey.

Engage Hub has been working with some of the world’s most successful retailers to deliver unparalleled cross-channel customer service whilst streamlining operational efficiency. Take a look at some of our most popular solutions:

Improve customer experience
and operational efficiency

Utilising automated voice calls and SMS, marketers can embark on call centre transformation, offering greater levels of personalised self-service which reduces the cost of maintaining a customer call centre whilst also improving customer experience.

Send time sensitive offers to
promote stock clearances

The Email Editor within Engage Hub enables you to send emails containing dynamic content so that each customer receives offers relevant to them. Follow up with an automated SMS when they next walk past the store to increase footfall.

Create a single view
of the customer

Effortlessly orchestrate your entire communications programme, from engaging marketing messages to order shipment notifications. Build and map out rules using decision paths to process real-time data from POS, ERP and tracking systems, to deliver automated, hyper-personalised offers that boost customer engagement.

Harness the power of
instant messenger apps

With Engage Hub, it’s easy to incorporate instant messages that prompt immediate action from customers, whether or not they are active in their app. Push and Messenger notifications are extremely effective at driving immediate interaction which can have an impressive effect when improving abandoned shopping cart rates.

Two-way, real-time
order delivery management

Use real-time data to trigger SMS, email or push notifications containing an option for customers to automatically change delivery times. Include an option for them to automatically speak directly to a call centre agent and they will reward you with unsurpassed customer loyalty.

Use proximity-triggered messages to
deliver hyper-personalised experiences

Ensure your customers can track the precise whereabouts of their order by making use of GSM, WiFi, Beacon and GPS data to automate the delivery of cross-channel notifications when orders leave your warehouses or arrive at their destinations. This reduces the number of inbound calls to your call centres and drastically improves customer experience.

Take a look at how it’s being done really well.

Working with Engage Hub, Topaz launches a mobile-centric loyalty programme to boost customer engagement and footfall:

  • Topaz now use Engage Hub to automate all marketing and operational mobile messaging communications.
  • The platform is sending highly targeted communications including embedded QR codes to Topaz customers, at strategic touchpoints, throughout the customer journey.

Engage Hub helps TelecomUK bridge the gap between online and offline customer touchpoints:

  • TelecomUK can now deliver highly personalised, mobile responsive loyalty campaigns powered by Engage Hub.
  • Its loyalty campaigns are generating a 99% open rates and real-time reporting shows that 97.5% of those messages are read within 3 minutes of the campaigns being sent.

As Wendy Clark, President Sparkling Brands and Strategic Marketing at Coca Cola said “If your plans don’t include mobile, your plans are not finished” download this informative whitepaper to uncover the 8 reasons you can’t afford to underestimate mobile marketing.

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