Engage Hub appoints Clive Hannon as COO.

Hannon brings over 20 years’ experience in software development and system integration to the company

Clive has a background in industrial engineering, and is a specialist in scaling IT and software companies. He joins Engage Hub from Oneview Healthcare Plc, where, as Head of Continuous Delivery, he worked to scale up the company’s patient engagement software platform over the course of two years. Prior to this, Clive was a founder and COO of Ammeon, a telecoms consultancy firm based in Dublin, which today employs over 200 people.

During his 12 years with Ammeon, Clive worked very closely with a number of key Engage Hub customers, including O2 and Three, and was also responsible for building out the capabilities of the Ericsson OSS next generation zero downtime platform. This solution was delivered directly to Ericsson in seven different sites on five different continents with multiple software deployments per day, demonstrating Clive’s ability to roll out large-scale projects on time and on budget.

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Ray Tierney, CEO Engage Hub

Commenting on Clive’s appointment, Ray Tierney, CEO of Engage Hub said: “Clive understands the impact that IT operations can have on global sales and customer satisfaction in a way that few executives can hope to, and he’s got a proven track record of maximising the growth potential of a range of businesses”.

“He’s joining an already energetic and goal orientated team at the perfect time to spearhead Engage Hub’s operational expansion across LATAM & APAC”.

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Clive Hannon, COO Engage Hub

Clive who has also held senior roles with CGI (formerly Logica Mobile Networks) and Ericsson added:  “What I found most compelling about Engage Hub was the sheer number of big name brands the company is currently working with. Engage Hub’s platform is disrupting the market by pioneering innovative experiences for its customers across multiple digital channels in a way that’s not been seen before.

Everyone is aware that there are challenges when it comes to scaling a high-growth business but I’m looking forward to helping take the company to the next level.”


About Engage Hub

At Engage Hub, it’s our mission to make sure your business treats your customers as individuals to engage each and every one, so you win them over faster and keep them for longer.

With over 30 years in the business, our services have evolved alongside the needs of our clients, including some of the world’s most successful brands across the financial services, utilities, telecoms, retail and logistics sectors. We understand the challenges you face – from data silos to legacy systems – and have built intelligent, intuitive and effective solutions that work for you.

Our commitment to excellence has helped us build a reputation as the leading global provider of data-driven consumer engagement and customer retention solutions. At a time when brand loyalty is at an all-time low, our data orchestration technology delivers the kind of experiences your customers have now come to expect. So, you can always keep them engaged and happy.