Engage Hub and Another Number App Enables Busy Professionals to Take Control of Work Calls.

Innovative mobile app helps users to achieve a better work-life balance

22nd March 2017, London, UK – Introducing Another Number, a new iPhone app that provides people with a secondary mobile number on their existing device without the need for a second SIM, additional phone or contract.

The app enhances how professionals manage their work relationships and enables users to easily switch off from work in evenings, weekends or when they simply want a break.

Another Number is packed full of features and benefits including:

  • Mobile operator reliability – uses the mobile network rather than just VoIP technology
  • Independent UK mobile number – activated in seconds to use alongside current SIM
  • No additional mobile contract or phone – works on the user’s existing device and inclusive minutes/data allowance
  • Clearly displayed work calls – all business texts and calls are identified as ‘via Another Number’
  • Do not disturb’ mode – divert all work calls and texts outside of work hours
  • Voicemail transcriptions – save time by reading voicemail content
  • Environmentally friendly – only one phone to charge; less discarded phones

Andy Munarriz, Founder and CEO comments:

“Most professionals prefer to use just one phone for both personal and professional purposes. Carrying two phones is cumbersome and people have specific preferences regarding their phone’s brand or system. Additionally, using two phones is not environmentally friendly.

“At the same time, I know from my own experience how difficult it is to switch off from work when you receive countless business calls and texts even if you’re on holiday or spending time with the family. While our careers enhance our lives, everyone should feel comfortable switching off and enjoying life away from work. That’s how Another Number came to life – an app that easily lets any professional separate work calls and messages from personal ones without the hassle of two phones or the expense of an additional contract.”

Another Number’s service is enabled by Engage Hub using the Three mobile network. Users receive the same quality of service through the app as they would with a standard mobile contract.

Voicemail transcription, enabled by Nuance Loop allows users to quickly and easily read, save and forward their voicemail messages as SMS texts.

Another Number is available on Apple’s App Store for a monthly subscription of £9.99.

Calls and texts between Another Number users are free and customers can buy credits to call and message non-subscribers. The app subscription renews every month with no long term contract.

“Another Number is particularly useful for contractors, freelancers and professionals apprehensive about sharing their personal number with work contacts. By using this app, they can manage their contacts’ expectations better,” adds Munarriz.

“We’re happy to partner with Another Number and help busy professionals achieve a better work-life balance. This is a new and innovative way of using mobile numbers and Another Number offers many benefits – personal, economic and environmental. We strive to make it easier for businesses to send more personalised and relevant communications to their customers and we expect to see Another Number making it even easier for professionals across the UK to manage their ever-increasing workloads”, says Ray Tierney, CEO, Engage Hub.

“In the battle for work-life balance, busy professionals are always looking for ways to drive efficiencies and save time. Nuance Loop’s voicemail-to-text service integrated as part of Another Number gives people the ability to not only quickly and easily read their voicemails via text message, but also stay organised with the ability to save or forward messages,” said Daniel Faulkner, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Nuance Mobile.


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