Objective C / AI Developer

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Objective-C / AI Developer

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The Role

At the moment, we seek an Objective-C / Machine Learning Developer to assist us in developing our core product. The main task will be writing server-side, high-transaction Objective-C software in a Linux environment. Our applications are data-intensive and we are more and more applying Machine Learning techniques, doing statistical analysis, and building high quality prediction systems integrated with our product. Therefore we are looking for someone with a very good knowledge of SQL, excellent understanding of Machine Learning theory and experience with common data science toolkits to help us discover the information hidden in vast amounts of data. Knowledge of Java and Python would be a bonus. This role will suit a developer who can concentrate on goals and estimate required effort and time accurately. You will work with highly experienced experts in the field of high-volume, high- resilience and high-security software. Even if you already have attained high proficiency in Objective-C development and Machine Learning applications, you will likely be challenged as we continuously provide market-leading innovative products to our clients.

Key skills:

  • High proficiency in Objective-C (required)
  • Experience in working in a Linux environment (required)
  • Experience with PostgreSQL (required)
  • Excellent understanding of Machine Learning theory and algorithms (required)
  • Experience with common Python Machine Learning toolkits (NumPy, scikit-learn, TensorFlow, etc.)

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