Transport & Logistics.

Digitise field service operations to drive brand loyalty.

How do I have two-way communications with customers?

Sometimes life gets in the way and your customers suddenly can’t be around to receive their scheduled deliveries. They need to be able to communicate these changes with you. With Engage Hub, you can trigger SMS, email or push notifications, giving customers the option to change delivery times or automatically speak directly to a call centre agent. You can also use real-time events – such as successful parcel deliveries or failed attempts – to send branded surveys and gather customer feedback.

How do I ensure my customers get the information they want quickly?

Information is everything when it comes to successful deliveries. Our Synapse technology, powered by AI, automatically selects the most cost-effective communication channel to get the quickest response from each customer. If the first alert fails to generate an interaction, Synapse will select the second most effective channel to reach them – ensuring they never miss important information.

How do I reduce the number of missed deliveries?

Failed deliveries are serious blow to your company’s bottom line – costing hundreds of millions every year. With proximity-triggered notifications, customers can track the precise whereabouts of their parcel, reducing the chance of missed deliveries and reducing the number of inbound calls to your call centres. Real-time SMS, email or push notifications also give customers the option of changing delivery times, so your drivers are less likely to miss a slot.

How do I deliver consistent customer service even on Black Friday?

On the busiest days of the year, the pressure to deliver is truly on. Engage Hub’s technology can handle millions of simultaneous communications, enabling greater levels of personalised self-service, and delivering the right message, on the most appropriate channel at the right time. The result is improved speed of response, a seamless customer experience and a reduced need for costly customer call centres – even during peak times.

How do I deal with inconsistencies between the different systems I work with?

Your shipment scans are in one place, inventory levels in another, while customer preferences are stored on a completely separate system. Inconsistencies between systems do your job to deliver a seamless customer experience no favours. With Engage Hub technology, we integrate with your various legacy systems so you deliver an efficient service without needing to upgrade your existing infrastructure.