Weve achieve a 98% increase in mobile advertising revenue.

Weve is a leading provider of mobile marketing and commerce services in the UK. As a subsidiary of mobile network giant O2, the company specialises in delivering sophisticated brand communications through its mobile messaging and display platforms – connecting businesses to large-scale mobile audiences. For the past two years, Weve have won an accolade of awards, including the Connected Consumer Award and most notably the ‘Most Effective Retail Campaign’ in the Effective Mobile Marketing Awards, an award which was recognition for a superlative location based campaign run with Engage Hub.

The Challenges

Big data poses huge opportunity

Despite mobile network operators having huge volumes of data on their customers browsing, spending & buying habits, many lack the capability and permissions to analyse this rich customer information and turn it into real-time, contextually relevant advertising services. With high profile research forecasting marketing spend on mobile advertising and engagement services to exceed $100 billion worldwide in 2016, Weve sought to bridge the gap and bring contextually relevant advertising to their extensive customer base.

Building customer engagement

Before working with Engage Hub, Weve recognised the importance of connecting customers with goods and services that were relevant to them. They realised it was essential to provide an extra level of intelligence associated with the information, including incorporation of location insights, behavioural data and other segmentation parameters. In addition, the development and management of easy to use campaign workflows and quick tools to analyse results were a key requirement to building customer engagement and brand loyalty to Weve.

"Engage Hub helped us add considerable value to the information that already existed within our subscriber base and put together a set of offerings for brands and agencies that exceeded their mobile marketing expectations. As a direct result of working with Engage Hub we have been able to establish a new business within O2 that promises significant future growth potential"

Robert Franks, Managing Director of O2’s Commerce Business

The Solution

Achieving a 98% increase in mobile advertising revenue.

Engage Hub’s mobile engagement hub helped Weve build its mobile advertising business by harnessing the real-time location data of their opted-in subscriber base, producing a whole new set of opportunities for brands and agencies to engage with prospects in a relevant, innovative way. The Engage Hub has enabled Weve to drive a 98% increase in mobile advertising revenue year-on-year across its base of 31 million subscribers, providing revenue streams that are scalable and repeatable, driving further revenue growth in the future.

Connecting the right brands to the right customers

With the largest, verified, 1st party data set in the UK, Weve can now help brands and agencies deliver a mobile-centric strategy with unprecedented reach, targeting a diverse audience based on; age, location, demographics and behaviour. The wealth of location triggers and many forms of behavioural information, from web browsing to phone usage and roaming data, are brought together in one place, to bring relevant brands to the right consumers.

During the first six months of the Weve project, Engage Hub has initiated over 1000 blast campaigns to almost 550 location services, resulting in over 75 million messages being sent to the right consumers at the right time.