MBNA rely on real-time SMS, Voice and Email notifications to tackle fraud.

MBNA’s vision is simple: to enable customers to purchase today, with money they will pay back tomorrow, working with a company they can trust. MBNA provides its 5 million+ credit card customers with a wealth of services to ensure its customers can make payments simply and securely. This has resulted in MBNA being voted Credit Card Provider of the Year by customers at the Moneyfacts Consumer Awards for the past 4 years running.

The Challenges

Keeping customers safe.

MBNA never stop working to keep their customers protected from fraud. But with 1 in 10 customers in the UK falling victim to financial fraud, MBNA wanted to put even stricter protection in place, by ensuring that all transactions made by customers were verified, whilst alleviating any unnecessary barriers customers face when making a transaction.

Improving the customer experience.

As a company that puts the customer at the centre of the organisation, MBNA wanted to create a contextual communications platform that would enable them to reach their customers via multiple digital channels, in real-time and all within a single platform. To achieve this, better, more timely contact with the customer was vital. However, harnessing relevant and appropriate communication channels to tackle fraud, at the same time as providing an excellent customer experience can be a real challenge. Not to mention managing complex systems to cover the large customer base and the differing brand requirements of partnered organisations.

"The Engage Hub has enabled us to tackle credit card fraud head-on and at the same time revolutionise the way we communicate with our customers. The innovative Engage Hub technologies at the heart of The Hub mean we can use various contextual triggers to use the most appropriate communications channel at any given time to reach that customer and minimise any inconvenience whilst verifying the validity of transactions"

Phil Weston, Head of Mobile & Digital Communications

The Solution

The Digital Communications Hub

Engage Hub helped MBNA create their Digital Communications Hub, a powerful customer engagement platform that enabled sophisticated interactive messaging and response handling; building a two way dialogue between the brand and the customer. It directly tackles fraud by creating fraud alerts in real-time by delivering a cross-channel communication programme via SMS, Voice or Email with the help of our Synapse technology that allows it to identify the best channel to prompt a customer response at any given time. With the whole process taking less than a minute, customers are assured a fast, yet secure interactive experience.

Achieving a 100% customer delight score.

As a result, the Digital Communications Hub revolutionised the way MBNA communicated with its customers. Surveys revealed a 100% customer delight score as a direct result of the newly implemented fraud alert system.

Winning ‘Best Technology Initiative of the Year’

As a result of working with Engage Hub, The MBNA Digital Communications Hub won ‘The Best Technology Initiative of The Year’ at the prestigious Annual Card & Payments Awards 2015. Since launching the Digital Communications Hub, MBNA has directly created an incremental increase in retail volume by processing genuine transactions and immediately reactivating cards, thus reducing fraud and increasing customer loyalty.

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"The judges found this to be an extremely strong submission and MBNA to be a worthy winner with a very interesting and effective use of technology to combat fraud, enhance customer experience and drive incremental sales."

The Judges, The Cards and Payments Awards – 2015