Hermes integrates email solution that delivers.

Hermes is the UK’s leading consumer delivery specialist handling more than 200 million collections and deliveries each year. Providing a range of flexible delivery options, Hermes offers a multi-channel approach to its consumers. Hermes works with a wide range of leading high street, catalogue and online retailers including; Next Directory, ASOS, Tesco, John Lewis, Debenhams and Arcadia Group. For two years running, the company has received the unrivaled accolade of ECMOD Best Home Delivery Service – an award that is voted for by client side companies for the suppliers that ‘really made a difference to their business’ in the past 12 months.

The Challenges

Building engagement and brand recognition

For the last ten years Hermes has dealt with its clients directly, passing on delivery information as and when required. Before working with Engage Hub, the only way Hermes clients could communicate delivery information with consumers was via a chargeable SMS service, which wasn’t widely used.

Hermes recognised that home delivery is very quickly evolving into a customer centric business where engagement and developing loyal relationships with consumers is key to building brand recognition. As a result, the delivery specialist realised it needed to introduce an effective and reliable communication tool that would be used by all of its clients on an ongoing basis.

The need to rapidly evolve with the market

To react to the evolving home delivery market, Hermes wanted to put in place the first part of the journey to engage with the end customer. It needed a global technology provider that could manage the sheer volumes of emails but also implement a solution in an exceptionally tight time frame. It implemented Engage Hub’s email solution and developed Hermes Parcel Manager, a free email service that notifies consumers when their local Hermes courier takes receipt of their parcel and again when it has been delivered successfully.

"We wanted to let the customer know exactly where their parcel was and when it would be delivered. We work on behalf of most of the UK’s retailers and handle more than 200 million collections and deliveries each year and we wanted to start engaging more with the consumer directly to grow brand recognition. We were keen to have an attractive, dual-branded email function and I believe that we have satisfied this with the work we have done with Engage Hub"

Mark Pettit, Director of Sales and Marketing at Hermes.

The Solution

A swift integration

Hermes tied Engage Hub’s email solution into its real-time courier hand held terminal (HHT) scanning functionality, which has the capacity to come back within minutes, or in some cases within seconds, from the courier scanning the parcel to say that it has been received by the depot. “That message comes into the Hermes central function very quickly and we have built on that, creating a quick turnaround information feed into Engage Hub’s platform which then results in an email going out to the end customer in a timely manner” Mark explains. Hermes are currently sending six million emails a month and plan to continue ramping up the volumes as many of their enterprise clients go live with the service.

Campaign Success

Since Hermes began working with Engage Hub in 2013, the email solution has proved to be a vital tool for Hermes. “I think the key factor is how quickly we have put together this proposition and I think that is a reflection of good work from both Engage Hub and Hermes,” Mark says. “The team was only established in June and the product was live at the end of July with emails being sent out in October, the pace to market was definitely impressive and I am very pleased overall.”


"I am also particularly impressed with how easy it is to expand the product. It’s very straightforward to add a client, the whole process and portal is very easy to use. I also really like the look of the emails I think that the dual-branding is very clear and delivers a good message. The overall the set-up and getting the product live was very impressive."

Mark Pettit, Director of Sales and Marketing at Hermes