Up close and personal: How a personalised customer experience can save you time and money

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Alice Blair
Author: Alice Blair
As Marketing Manager for Engage Hub, Alice is responsible for orchestrating PR, social media & event activities in order to maximise the brand's reach. Holding a BA in English and a passion for communication excellence, Alice also drives the content & communication strategy for Engage Hub.

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It’s easy for your customers to feel like little more than a number these days.

Any savvy marketer will agree that allowing a customer to access the information they need quickly and efficiently is vital to a positive customer experience and building brand loyalty – but did you know that you can also save money whilst doing so?

The modern customer expects to be able to interact when they want and how they want – and to receive a consistent service, whatever the medium and time of day, placing heavy a burden on already cost & labour intensive contact centres.

So, what’s the solution? Let your customers access the information they need, using the tools they use the most, at a time that’s convenient for them – easier said than done, right?

With the capabilities of mobile marketing technology developing at an exponential rate – why would you even attempt to orchestrate a widening array of channels yourself? Still, many organisations are stifled by data and the proliferation of communication channels. But one thing remains constant and that’s the importance of the mobile phone. With half of all mobile searches leading to a purchase, it’s clear that organisations wanting to deliver customer experience excellence need to harness the power of mobile marketing.

Any respectable marketer will have one eye on the latest innovative marketing technology and the other on ROI. So bear this in mind, research released recently by McKinsey, shows that companies excelling at cross -channel engagement “can generate savings of up to 25 to 30 per cent by reducing call centre volume” – a compelling bottom-line reason to get the digital experience spot on.


That means there must be effective management of all digital communication channels, in a way that personalises the customer experience and provides the information they need. After all, if they can find what they want online – whether it’s through a laptop, tablet or smartphone – then they simply don’t need to pick up the phone. Furthermore, if their questions are answered quickly, they won’t feel the need to take to review sites or social media to express their disapproval of your customer service.

The customer agrees with this solution too – with customer satisfaction levels showing a staggering increase by up to 33 per cent when using omni-channel engagement tools, according to the McKinsey research.

But orchestrating personalised communications over an ever-increasing array of channels is tough. Really tough. Unless of course you have the right customer engagement solution at your fingertips. There are now solutions that exist that enable companies to optimise how they interact with customers by embracing the capabilities of all mobile tools in a way that makes them feel valued – and that the company wants to develop a meaningful, two-way dialogue with them.

Due to the highly competitive nature of the technology industry, mergers and acquisitions have produced highly sophisticated cross-channel customer engagement solutions that are packed full of different ways to communicate with your customers and designed specifically to help your business strengthen customer engagement to safely deliver your messages across SMS, MMS, push notifications, social or voice – to name a few. Customised messaging means you can analyse every user’s behaviour and preferences – and so provide them with the information and offers that mean the most to them.

Ultimately, if a customer feels connected with a business because that business is easy to deal with and takes the time to make them feel special, then they’re much more likely to come back – and stay.


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